Immediate access to VRS and captioning services

With IRIS, access to VRS and captioning Services are built-in settings on your phone. You can place captioned phone calls right out of the box. Just go to Accessibility in your phone's settings, choose your preferred service provider and you're ready to make calls. IRIS makes it that simple.

One number covers everything

Text or make any type of call directly from your cell number

VRS Calls

Make calls directly from your smartphone using its dialpad or one-touch from your contacts. IRIS automatically connects an interpreter as your call goes through.

No downloads or additional phone numbers, apps, or contact lists required.

3-Party Video Calls

With IRIS, now callers can see BOTH the interpreter AND each other on-screen, at the same time. Simply touch a button while in-call and a 3-Way video is established among caller, receiver, and interpreter. No more confusion on either end of the phone. Everyone can see exactly with whom they’re communicating.

Voice-to-Text Captioning

IRIS provides the option to select automatic voice-to-text in the midst of any call, on demand. Captions show up on your screen to support any conversation you choose. Great for video-chats with anyone with late onset hearing loss or those of us who depend on captions to receive information.

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