Help Us Implement IRIS Now

We encourage you to reach out to us if you would like to make IRIS possible. IRIS has been developed with Deaf researchers to ensure a user experience that actually fits Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-Blind users. We are working with industry stakeholders to implement IRIS.  There are two different ways to reach out to us below:

Contact us by Videophone: Please call 585-371-7992 through a videophone to leave a message along with your name and contact information.

Fill out the form if you want the IRIS benefits (listed below) and we’ll send you news updates about developing industry support, and, when IRIS will be in all your cellular devices:

  • One phone number covers all your cellular communication needs
  • Make calls using the phone keypad and VRS joins automatically, when needed
  • Your device comes VRS-ready, make calls instantly, right out of the box 
  • VRS preferences are built into your device settings— no more downloads or third party apps needed to make accessible calls
  • Automatic Speech Recognition translates Voice to Text for late deafened and hard of hearing
  • 3-Point Video calling allows everyone to see each other along with the interpreter on a VRS call 
  • Auto-voice-to-text captions on the video screen during any video call
  • Access to ASR live captioning and Video during 911 calls that now have precision GPS to locate you and respond to your emergency better & faster
  • IRIS is compatible with all phone operating systems and provides interoperability which means better video quality, no matter what service provider you choose
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