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Your data plan is set up between you and your mobile phone carrier. It is possible that there may be more data used for video calls. IRIS technology provides the connections but it is up to the individual to decide how much data is used.

The idea is to have your preferred VRS provider of choice set up so that your mobile number can connect to the provider. Individuals who select a “default provider” in the phone’s settings menu will have that provider be used for incoming and outgoing calls.

There will be no loss of access through your applications downloaded on your mobile device. You can continue to use those applications and services as you normally would. IRIS just provides additional ways for people to reach you using your phone’s mobile number.

You can be involved by staying connected with the IRIS progress as well as sharing the word with other friends and family.

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Industry Partners

If you are interested in providing connections from your applications to TRS (Video Relay Services and Captioning Services), please reach out to one of our developers by filling out the contact form.

Yes, the IRIS vision believes in providing access for deaf and hard of hearing individuals through any video/telephone calling platform.


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